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Apple Inventory Plummets After Ipad Revenue Disappoint

Apple Stock Plummets After Ipad Sales Disappoint

Android tablets are this year’s must-have tech item! Who wouldn’t want to throw out their heavy old laptop and rock a shiny, new slate? Not only would you look super cool, but you’d also enjoy some of the benefits such as monster battery life, large colourful screen and Android OS’s much vaunted usability and copious free apps!

Apple Inventory Plummets After Ipad Revenue Disappoint

tablets are an enormous challenge to the laptop computers because they generally a much longer battery life is not necessary an outlet, and are so compact and light that they can be carried anywhere with minimum hassle.

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The market has consolidated around a handful of major players: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Apple. Recently updated products from the first three include excellent options in the sub-$250 (and even sub-$150) price ranges. Also, a flood of new reading-centric apps continues to solidify the Apple iPad’s position as the premium media tablet of choice–even as a likely wave of competing you can find out more appears on the horizon.

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According to recent reports, Google is therefore planning to bring a formal model Tablet with Android on the market, as hardware partners may well be Asus. Google was said to have been looking for a hardware partner for this project by the end of 2011. While HTC have had the opportunities, but they reportedly wanted to have complete control over design and didn’t offer a cheap tablet to prevent damage to their brand. Acer however, shouldn’t have enough development capacity, so the choice based on product quality ultimately fell to Asus.

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